A Life Story gives depth and
to the person who has died,
going "Beyond the Ordinary"
and just the factual statements
of a basic newspaper obituary
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Our customized, in-house graphics department produces
picture-dominated service records, that are put together  
as a "summary" of  the various "memories" in a person's
lifetime. This keepsake product is unequaled in because it
is a fully , one-of-a-kind item and creatively reflects the
person being honored. You retain a visual summary of a
life lived well.

Additionally,   we  also offer custom DVD presentations of
your favorite pictures that are professionally grouped,
cropped and  showcased in careful detail.
This additional, distinctive product is included in our
most popular Memorial Grouping
(a customized register book, 44 matching photo thank
you cards (including the family name), 200 photo service
records, 1 custom DVD with up to 100 pictures).  
You won't find continual advertisements within this
personalized video format, but a beautiful presentation of
a life to cherish.  This type of video is beyond the drop-in ,
"slide show" format and often helps to recall
the positive memories, retaining loving emotions
as we highlight the best of each scene.
Years ago, stories like these were the norm and not the
exception.  But with the rising costs associated with
newspaper obituary charges  this is the area often
trimmed back, to make room for something else.

Our exclusive ability to work with the family unit,
helping the  individual personalities give a needed outlet
for expression and a one-of-a-kind,  fitting tribute.  
Our truly unique approach has created a caring and
thoughtful format.  Whether it has been written down
ahead of time, a family member pens it,  or we help to
write the Life Story  through our very own "family
interview" process,  the result is something that can be
cherished and further help to set you on a healthy path
in your journey through grief.
the life stories included in our
online obituaries or contact us
for your own copy of the free
booklet about the benefits of a
Life Story expressed in love.
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